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It is a two-wheel pedal transportation vehicle that can reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h and has an electric motor of 250 Watt and less.

It is a passenger transportation vehicle with a two-wheel electric motor. Motor power is between 250 W and 4 KW. All electric mopeds in our country are subject to a type approval certificate. For this reason, tests of electric mopeds are carried out by test offices accredited by the European Union. It can be easily driven in traffic with license plate and license.

The chemical compound contained in your batteries during the winter months makes the reaction more difficult and less efficient. For this reason, it is normal for your electric bicycles and motorcycles to reach approximately 30% less range. In cases where the air temperature drops below zero degrees, the range may be shorter. However, with the warming of the air, your batteries return to their old performance.

A 50 cc gasoline motorcycle burns 2-3 liters of gasoline at about 100 km. With today's fuel prices, it costs between 15 TL and 20 TL per 100 km. The charging cost of the Volta electric moped is between 70 kurus and 1 TL per 100 km. In comparison, traveling with a petrol motorcycle is 25 times more expensive than an electric motorcycle.

Electric motorcycles are based on an engine, a battery that feeds this engine and a driver that manages. All remaining parts are the same as for petrol motorcycles. As it is known, some parts such as oil and filter change periodically during the maintenance of gasoline motorcycles. However, Volta Electric Motorcycles do not have this type of part replacement. This saves its user money and time.

Electric motorcycles are subject to registration, 3% SCT is paid by the dealer on your behalf. Since electric bicycles are not subject to registration, 3% SCT is paid by the factory.

Our electric mopeds and bicycles are not subject to MTV. You do not have to pay MTV.

Electric motorcycles are subject to inspection like gasoline motorcycles. However, their examinations are more narrow. Brakes, lights, tires are checked. The first examination is made 3 years later, and the other examinations are made 2 years apart.

Electric bicycles can be used safely by obeying the traffic rules without requiring a driver's license, as they are under the same scope as bicycles according to the traffic law on highways. Electric mopeds can be used with any class of driving license, including class B driving license, according to the new highway traffic law. To explain, all license classes cover mopeds, namely the M class. There is no need to obtain a class A driving license with a motorcycle license to use an electric moped.

No license plate is required for electric bicycles. Plate is required for electric motorcycles (mopeds). However, according to the new application, traffic insurance is not sought. Thus, the license plate can be issued only at the cost of a notary license.

Our warranty conditions are detailed in the warranty documents supplied with our vehicles. In order for your vehicle not to be out of warranty, you should have periodic maintenance done by authorized services.

Contrary to what is known, charging your motorcycle's battery by completely discharging it will not benefit your batteries. Gel batteries specially produced for Volta Electric motorcycles do not have a memory effect due to their chemistry. For this reason, charge your batteries as often as possible. In this way, the life of your batteries will increase and their performance will increase.

Before setting off with your Volta Electric Motorcycle, check your tire air, brakes and all lighting equipment thoroughly. Always wear a helmet during use. A helmet is not just a device that must be attached by law. It prevents your head from getting hit in possible accidents. All conditions for safe use are detailed in your warranty documents. Please do not start without reading.

Batteries, brake axes, tires are wearing parts. The wear of these parts will reduce the performance of your motorcycle (moped). Please replace your parts at authorized services under the conditions specified in the user manual.

Do not wash your vehicle with high pressure water. Do not expose your vehicle to water at rear wheel center shaft level. We can wash your vehicle by drying it after the washing process is completed without using chemicals with low pressure water.

Puddles at the rear wheel shaft level are dangerous for your motorcycle (moped). Your motor may take water while passing through here, the motor that takes water will short circuit and burn out in a very short time.

Our motorcycles (mopeds) will last 6-8 hours for those with lead-acid batteries and 2-3 hours for lithium-ion type ones. Your chargers may continue to give current due to voltage changes in the electrical network. For this reason, if your vehicle is still charging in cases exceeding 12 hours for lead acid type batteries and 5 hours for lithium ion type batteries, please disconnect your vehicle from the charger and please go to the nearest service with a charger.

Our company's batteries should only be charged with the chargers provided by our company. Considering the charger and the battery compatible is very important for the life of your batteries. Charging with the wrong charger may cause your batteries to swell, reduce the range and shorten their life.

The batteries of your electric vehicles should be charged at least once a month. The battery life of the vehicle that is not charged once a month becomes shorter. Make sure that the fuse of your vehicle that will not be used for a long time is turned off. The batteries of the vehicles that are kept uncharged for 3 months or longer with the fuse turned on will lose performance to a large extent.

The carrying capacity of your vehicle is specified in the technical documents. If you carry weight above this, your vehicle; The chassis, suspension, tires, side stand, middle leg parts may be damaged. Please use your vehicle in the specified capacity.

Using your vehicle above the climbing capacity specified by the factory; the motor drive can damage your computer and / or your main cable. You have been climbing steep slopes for a long time; The vehicle will increase the engine and driver temperature. These climbs above capacity can cause your engine or driver to burn.

The range data of your vehicle has been tested by the factory with a 75kg driver in windless air on flat roads. Environmental conditions such as sloping roads, wet weather, wind, low temperatures can affect the range of your vehicle. Also, 75kg heavy driver incorrect brake settings and incorrect tire pressures will shorten your range. Driving on high slopes will also reduce the range of the vehicle.

Alarm systems not originally supplied by the factory will break your vehicle's battery. Please do not connect electronic components such as alarms, lamps, USB chargers to your vehicle without the approval of the authorized service.